All the children are happy in front of the camera.

The time runs out very fast here, but we found some news boulders like this one:

A good swing and a good spot for this really nice boulder…

All the day is rythmed by filming sessions and bouldering sessions.

Julien Nadiras filming.

When he’s not filming, he’s climbing on this crazy boulder. One movement, but just 2 meters between the two holds.

Axel ballay in « middle way » at the sunset.

And myself by night.

New day, new spots, and new pictures…

My skin is so bad, but I’m so happy to climb here, that I go until the blood. All the day we meet new people and we climb together on new and classic spots.

David from switzerland in  » Goan curner » a classic but so nice bulder.

Two crimps, one good hold to the top, just do the dyno.  » I believe, I can fly… »

Evrard Vendenbaum, our cameraman, is so happy to have a look at all those nice boulders…

Here you can climb on crimps, on sloppers, by morningor by night.

I’m following my trip with Liv and others guys.
My skin is better, and now I can do some hard boulders between 7c and 8a.

A new bulder by Axel.B, maybe 7c

Lifestyle pictures:

Liv on the Sackline, not so easy but in progress…

Tarzan boys

Star climber behind thoses cameras.

Liv, the chidrens and myself in front of Hanuman temple.

Hampi is really the sanctuary of rock climbing. You can see boulders on 360°, this is an amazing landscape.

Everybody is friendly and curious, it’s funny when they ask why we wear those mats for going climbing. Poverty is omnipresent, and we can always see any bare children on the dirty ground.

When you are in Hampi, the time stops, you live slowly. We where at the end of the season, and we had some problems with the heat, I think the best time is between November and January. The granite has plenty of different textures, and you must always pay attention to your skin if you want climb the next day.

Vaibhav, our guide, is an enthusiastic man, who climbs with a real passion, he gave us a good lesson on the true reasons we have to climb.

I’ve hold two night sessions, within the fabulous landscapes.

(Picture by Evrard Vendenbaum)

I hope that you can go in this paradise before the closing of the site. A geat thanks to the team which I spend a fucking good trip !







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